What is Energy (Challenge Level) -- investigate this page & the links at the left if you want to know more about the mysterious thing we call "energy!"
Click here for the Interactive Energy Home (FYI: Their are tabs at the top that let you check out different rooms of the house.)

Safety Links:

Safety Contract Online (If you lost your safety contract, just print out a new one! Also, you can use this as a resource when you are doing your take home test on safety... HINT HINT)
Lab Safety Rap on You-Tube: (What's wrong with this group of lab rats?)


external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png Inferences_Krist_Evas_combined.ppt<-- Click to download notes
Online practice for observation and inference skills
Observation and inference games


external image msword.png Graphing notes_6th.doc <-- Click to download notes
Good Graphing Practice Quizzes -- on the left side, choose the # of questions & the difficulty level & type of graph
Short Graph Quiz -- see if you can read this graph & answer all 5 questions correctly
Quizville Math Games -- practice your graphing skills
Online flash cards & games review your graphing vocab with flashcards and games
What type of graph? flashcards & games
Do you need some graph paper? Click here to link to a printable 1cm graph
Quizville Math Games -- practice your graphing skills

Measurement Notes:

external image msword.png METRIC NOTES.doc<-- Click to download


<-- Click to download the Notes
Flash cards for our basic light vocabulary (You can play different games to practice or just use the flash cards)
Animation -- Newton's prism experiment
Bending Light Online Simulation (Do an experiment with reflection & refraction online)
Bill Nye's Optics Part 1 on You Tube (This is about reflection & refraction -- Click on Part 2 and 3 when you are done)
Webquest: Why is the sky blue? (Create a children's book to explain this simple (?) question.)
Tour of the Electromagnetic spectrum (Nova)
Alien Attack Game -- Learn about light & use the clues to find the alien who tried to destroy the earth!
Waves on a String Online Simulation (Click on the link to do an experiment with amplitude wavelength & frequency)
Bending Light Online Simulation (Click on the link or use the widget below to do an experiment with reflection & refraction online)
Bending Light
Click to Run

The Physics Zone -- This page has a good collection of interactive applets on wave energy (both sound & light)


Don't You Hear That? -- Good overview on how sound works (test your hearing at the bottom of the page)
Webquest: The Soundry
The Soundry is an exciting, interactive, and educational web site about sound. Covering everything from the most basic concepts of what sound actually is to the specifics of how humans perceive it
Sound Sketch Tool - you can design a soundwave & play it back with this tool
The Physics of Sound -- Here's some basic info about sound waves & interactive examples of different sounds at the bottom of the page.

6th grade: Solar System Scale Calculator

(put in the diameter of your sun in inches (red box) or mm (green box) & then click "Calculate"... this website will tell you how your model compares to the real solar system

Astronomy Links:

Big_Dipper.jpg Mrs. Law has a whole page of great astronomy links Click here to check them out!

Ecology Links:

Web Earth Online

Invasive Species:

Click here to visit Mrs. Law's Invasive Species Page:

Shark Dissection:

Virtual Shark Dissection
Shark Week (Discovery Channel) (true shark stories, games, anatomy, etc.)
Shark Dissection Movies
Shark Scavenger Hunt(use the interactive book to find the answers to 10 interesting shark questions)

Owl Pellet Dissection:

Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection