Student-produced videos:

1. Click "play" on the video screen above to see a 7th grade video explaining the strength of triangular structures

2. Take a look at some of the videos that the students made in connection with Mr. Kantor's Lit class
(Click here for a video on Personification)
(Click here for a video on Hyperbole)
(Click here for a video about Alliteration)

Video Lab Reports:

Student-produced websites:

Click the picture to learn about microbiology...
Genetic website created by 7th graders: Click here

Iliad map

-- Using our SmartBoard, students found the location of over 80 ancient towns & cities that were part of the Greek alliance in the 10 year Trojan War... Can you?

Project Freebird

(Click here to see student-produced storyboards & scripts)