Are you interested in getting some extra credit in Science? Here are a few guidelines:

1. The key word in extra credit is "EXTRA"... in other words, extra credit is not to be considered a substitute for your regular class work. Mrs. Law plans your assignments carefully and each one is important in order to master the concepts we are studying. If you miss even one it will detract from your learning experience. Please do not skip your homework or classroom work and think that you can make up the points with extra credit... Extra credit will be accepted only when all of your regular assignments have been turned in.

2. If all of your regular work is turned in you can earn 5 extra credit points by doing the following:
  • a. reading any science article
  • b. writing a 1 page summary in your own words.
  • c. write a reflection of what you've learned.
  • d. attach the original article, the summary & the reflection, then turn them in to Mrs. Law

3. Students can write up to 2 extra credit papers in each grading period.

4. Extra credit can only be used to increase your grade by one letter grade. (In other words, if you have a C, your extra credit work can bring that up to a B... If you have a B already, your extra work can bring you up to an A.)

OPTION #!: Mrs. Law has a folder with science articles that you can use.
OPTION #2: Here are some resources where you can find some good online science articles: (Remember, you need to print out the original article and turn it in with your summary.)