Welcome to Mrs. McCormick's web resource page!

Here's a selection of online activities that you can choose to investigate.
In each case you should be able to share what you've learned. You may print out your work from the web or you can create your own product to turn in to Mrs. McCormick for documentation.

OPTION #1 -- Writing prompt of the day -- Visit Discovery Education to find videos that will challenge you to think.

  • After you sign in (see info below) you can click on today's featured video and find a segment that interests you. (You don't have to watch the whole movie: after you click on the movie, you can see the short segments on the side.)
  • Click on the download icon on the right side & it should open up in the Quicktime viewer. (Don't try to stream it directly from the website because it may take a long time to load...)
  • Once Quicktime opens you can view the segment and then write down your thoughts. If you have a partner you can discuss it and find out if you have a difference of opinion.
  • sign in ID = Lawschool Password = Hille
  • Click here to begin

OPTION #2 -- Online stem games -- Rooting out Words

  • Click here to try this online game that may teach you some new stems. You'll be surprised... even the "easy" ones can be tough!
  • or try Word Within a Word Stem Games
  • When you're done, write down your score and some of the new stems you've learned so Mrs. McCormick can congratulate you.

OPTION #3 -- Weekly Reader Contests for students:

  • Click here to find out about some great contests for writers, artists, etc.
  • Choose one that you would like to enter
  • Plan & prepare your entry
  • Print or xerox a copy for Mrs. McCormick

OPTION #4 -- WORD--The Official Blog of READ Magazine (Click here to get published, find writing tips and cool links)

external image side_main.gifexternal image side_student_writing.gifexternal image feed-icon16x16.pngREAD & WRITE BLOG


Links for Reading Games:

Stem games & practice: (hangman, matching, flashcards, crosswords...)Free Rice.com (Check out this fun vocab game... for every word you get right, they donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations to help end world hunger!)
Poetry Splatter (splatter words on the screen and drag them into your poem!)
Scholastic Spelling, Naming & Rhyming Page
Internet field trip (read some silly jokes or try to figure out some visual riddles called "droodles!")

Vocabulary Games:

Top 180 SAT/ACT words to know (5 different puzzles/games to help you learn them)
Latin/Greek stem puzzles (includes matching games,synonym & antonym encounters,crosswords, word searches, True/False & word stories)
Scrabble Zone (you'll like this online version of the classic game)