One bite from the fangs of a cobra and you can kiss your Aunt Bertha good-bye. One bite from the teeth of a mongoose and the cobra can kiss his Aunt Bertha goodbye.

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RIKKI TIKKI TAVI -- Let's go on a webquest!

Would you like to go on a scavenger hunt through the web community to find some information to share with the rest of the class? We'll be talking about the story, Rikki Tikki Tavi soon and we know there will be questions that will come up about the strange land we find there. If you choose to accept this assignment, you will take some time out of our regular class to help us see the big picture.

Here's your task:
  1. Each of you will be assigned a role and a few of the questions to work on.
  2. Research your questions using the Resource list below.
  3. Each of you will put together a Power Point with 4 to 5 slides to share what you've learned.
  4. Don't forget to include a bibliography slide (in other words, tell us where you got your info & pictures)
  5. (Mrs. Law will put all of the slides together so your group can present your information to your classmates when you are done.)

Here's the information we'd like you to find out for us:

  • What part of Kipling's life inspired him to write about India?
  • Where was he born?
  • What was his nationality?
  • What recognition did he receive as a writer? (awards, titles, etc.)

HISTORIANS: (This is a big job... more than one student can work on this section. If so, then just split up the questions and then go ahead and each of you can make up your 4 slides.)
  • Who occupied India during the time about which Rudyard Kipling wrote?
  • When did the British take over India, and when did they leave?
  • Why were the years of 1819-1901 were called the Victorian Era?
  • What was life like for women during the Victorian Era?
  • How were the native Indian people treated by the British during the time setting of our story?
  • What was life like for the Brits and Indians who lived in colonial India at the time of our story?

  • Where do cobras and mongooses live naturally?
  • How do mongooses survive battles with cobras?
  • Is a mongoose immune to the venom of a cobra?
  • After being bitten by a cobra, how long do you have to survive?
  • Did Kipling get his facts correct about the animals in his story?

Listed below are various links and their descriptions that you will find useful to complete your project. Be sure to use the resources you are given. If you find any site that you think might be useful, please let me know. If it is useful, I will be happy to use the link you find.

King Cobras #1
Enchanted Learning: King Cobras
Wildlife Tour India

African Wildlife Foundation



Rudyard Kipling: life and works

Kipling Society
1907 Nobel Prize and Biography
Great Books: Biography (scroll down the page for info about Kipling)
Bibliomania (over 2,000 free texts)

British Imperialism
The British Empire In India
Women in the British Empire (this is a book that you can page through on googlebooks)
The Sun Never Set on the British Empire
History of India
The Passage to India
The British Empire
Life in the Bungalows


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