Safety Links:

Safety Contract Online (If you lost your safety contract, just print out a new one! Also, you can use this as a resource when you are doing your take home test on safety... HINT HINT)
Lab Safety Rap on You-Tube: (What's wrong with this group of lab rats?)

Scientific Method:

<-- Click to download

Measurement Notes:

<-- Click to download
HOMEWORK 10/12: Take this online quiz to get yourself ready for the metric conversion quiz in class tomorrow.
How to Use a Triple Beam Scale (online interactive instructions from Ohaus)
Printable Paper Rulers & Meter Sticks <-- Click here
Forensic use of measurements: Check out this website to see if you can figure out the story behind these mysterious bones.
Estimation Game:


<-- Click to download notes
Good Graphing Practice Quizzes -- on the left side, choose the # of questions & the difficulty level & type of graph
Short Graph Quiz -- see if you can read this graph & answer all 5 questions correctly
Quizville Math Games -- practice your graphing skills
Online flash cards & games review your graphing vocab with flashcards and games
What type of graph? flashcards & games
Do you need some graph paper? Click here to link to a printable 1cm graph

Catastrophic Events:

NY Times Map -- Some Places Are Riskier Than Others
BBC animations for tornados (see the right hand side for animations of hurricanes, earthquakes & more)
Discovery Education -- information on natural emergencies & how to prepare for them


(<-- Click to download)
<-- Click to download
USGS Recent Earthquake Info
Good overview of earthquakes (This page has short explanations & illustrations to help you understand the concepts we've been studying)
Savage Earth Animations -- This page from PBS has some great animations... but you can also click on the "Home" button to connect to additional fabulous video and text explanations!
More Animations (The animation for the seismograph is particularly good)
National Geographic - The Plate Tectonic Story
Seismic Wave Simulation & mini quiz
Review Games
Can We Predict Earthquakes? (Good video from PBS Nova--only 10min.long)
Discovery Channel "Great Quakes" (online interactive web site that lets you build buildings & test them)
CHALLENGE LEVEL--> Animations about Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes & Volcanoes

Earthquake Preparedness Guides -- click on the different buttons to view emergency plans, checklists, etc.
Special Considerations for Emergency Kits -- don't forget about the elderly, disabled or little ones when you put together your emergency kits.
A Shock to the Heartland article from Discovery Magazine about the New Madrid Fault
New Madrid info from USGS -- including eyewitness reports, historical evidence, images, etc.
Daily Reporter article -- More info on the New Madrid fault, risks & historical events
Center for Earthquake Research & Info -- info for the cover page
What should I do before, during and after an earthquake?


Volcano Maker-
Create and customize your own fire-spewing giant and watch it erupt.
Video: Mt. St. Helens, Back From The Dead (

7th grade: Speed Unit

<-- Click to download the notes

Directions for rubber band car can be found at this website:
Animated Graphs -- investigate Animations #1 & #2 of 3 racing monster trucks. Then try to figure out the average speed & explain the difference between them.
Animated Graph Differentiation -- Can you figure out more of these animated graphs & answer the questions on each page?
Click here for speed vocabulary flashcards
Click here for an online speed activity where you tell 2 runners how fast to run & observe the distance/time/speed relationship.
Newton's Laws of Motion Online Interactive
Engineering Interact PARKWORLD GAME-- Learn about force & motion by playing this online game

Need a stop watch for all those speed trials? Use the online tool below:

BIG IDEAS -- Force & Motion:

How Newton's Laws Work

7th grade: Floating & Sinking Unit

THE INTERNET PLASMA PHYSICS EDUCATION EXPERIENCE-- start here to understand these ideas. Then do the Virtual Density Lab from the link on the left side of the page.
Online Calculator (open up a new tab with command-T if you need to keep another window open)
Density Notes -->
Density Flash Cards: Try your luck with these practice flash cards.
Density Review Game-- Challenge Level -- Shoot the Hoops with these more difficult questions... (FYI, if it asks you to sign in with an email address, you can just ignore that & click to play the review game.)
Online Floating/Sinking Simulation... click on the picture below to experiment with floating & sinking:

7th grade Cell Unit:

Plant & Animal Cell images -- you can use these images if you didn't finish your lab in class
Online flashcards for cell vocab if you finish the flashcards, you can find other games like matching, hangman, etc. underneath the flashcards.
Online cell quiz -- In this game, you match names to the correct cell part (You can adjust the level of difficulty, # of questions, etc.)
The Virtual Cell You can use this to study cell parts!
Cell Size & Scale animation - How big is a cell?
Cells and organelles Do you need to study cell parts? Check this out!
Cell Anatomy Thinkquest -- Use the tabs on the left and at the top of the page to investigate the cell
Chart of Cell Organelles -- This chart can help you study for your quiz!
Microscope Images (Check out the user galleries for many views of single & multi-celled organisms... Can you tell the living & non-living things apart?)
Cells Alive -- good animation to help you learn the parts of the cell & their functions. Click on animal or plant cell.
Cell Analogy example
How to Use a Microscope Properly
  • Paramecium Videos: Check all 4 of these cool movies that show a one-celled creature in motion!
  • Amoeba Videos: Here are 2 movies showing another one-celled pond water creature.
  • Daphnia Videos: Check out 2 movies of this multi-celled pond creature that we've seen in class!
Compound Microscope Game -- how fast can you name the parts?
Cell Comparison Lab Photos -- use these photos for our online lab

Cow Eye Dissection:

Exploratorium <--Watch a cow eye dissection here
eSchool Online -- Try to identify all of the parts of an eye in this animation of cow eye dissection

Change Over Time:

Fossil Horse Cyber Museum (University of Florida) -- check out this interactive website put together by scientists who "dig" horses
Mazon Creek Fossil Exhibit (This website has some great pix of real fossils from Mazon Creek, not too far from Oak Forest.)
Octopus Intelligence -- interesting article about the unique behavior of octopi & why would they have developed intelligence.
The Zoo of You-- In this interactive, see how closely parts of your body match those in other animals, from sharks to fruit flies.

7th grade Frog Anatomy Unit:


Frog Dissection -- SchoolTube (This is a complete video that was working in the computer labs! woohoo!)
Virtual Frog Dissection (This is a cool website for interactive dissection... However, the videos will freeze if too many of us try to access it at one time. I suggest that you go through the steps, watch the short videos that Mrs. Law put on the desktop as you go... The "Try It!" activity should work so go ahead & try it!)
Good Overview of frog anatomy -- includes good pictures
Simple Frog Anatomy
How Frogs Work -- Everything you've ever wondered about frogs! How do their skeletons compare to ours? How do frog ears can tell you whether it's male or female? Where did the idea of kissing frogs to turn them into princes come from?
Student Scavenger Hunt
Frog Skeleton Diagram
Frog nervous system:

7th grade Energy Unit: Exploring Potential & Kinetic Energy with roller coasters!

Can you build the best roller coaster in your class? First we will investigate the energy transfers that are involved in roller coaster physics & then you can design your own.
Potential & Kinetic Energy Notes -- click here -->
Potential & Kinetic Online Flashcards
Mini Quiz to help you with the main concepts of PE & KE
Step by step practice PE problem
The Jason Project Coaster Creator-- Use your knowledge of potential energy and kinetic energy to design your own coaster.
Design Your Own Roller Coaster -- You will get points for your course - the higher the forces your passengers experience safely, the more points you will get. But if your passengers become ill or pass out, you will lose points. (BE SURE TO CLICK THE ARROWS ON THE SIDE AND READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS. THIS ONE CAN BE TOUGH!)
Funderstanding Design Your Own Roller Coaster -- This takes extra time to load. Be patient. (You need JAVA on your computer for this to work correctly.)


Watch the full episode. See more NOVA scienceNOW.

8th grade science project inspires her father to find a way to take CO2 out of the atmosphere

7th grade Genetics Unit:

Online Punnett square animated practice
Basic flashcards for our Genetics unit
More advanced flashcards for our Genetics unit (NOTE: There are a few extra terms in here that we won't be tested on.)
Link to a good summary of Genetics concepts & vocab

Interactive Froggy Fun and Games -- You can try these when you have completely finished the links above.